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Servicing Europe NDT
Tel. +31 (0)165 538 606
Email: sales@sendt.com

Machines for industrial cleaning
Synthetic Welding Equipment

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Knowledge & experience

Servicing Europe NDT is your partner when it comes to cleaning solutions for your products.
With a wide range of Buhral machines we meet your requirements.

Servicing Europe NDT BV has a lab to test the efficiency of detergent in combination with ultrasonic techniques and the material to be cleaned.

Custom made quality

Buhral installations are custom made solutions for cleaning, rinsing and stainless drying of hi-tech precision parts.
Buhral is also first choice in welding of synthetic materials and building of special machines for NDT installations and lubrication systems.

Ex applications

Buhral machines are built with full knowledge and experience in designing and building explosion free installations in conformity with NEN 3410 en NEN-EN 50014.
Substances as aceton, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or cyclohexane are also familiar names for us.
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Servicing Europe NDT BV

P.O. Box 49
4700 AA Roosendaal
The Netherlands
Email: sales@sendt.com
Servicing Europe NDT bv
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The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)16 538 606